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Do you suffer from Migraines?

Updated: Mar 14

Migraine Awareness Week

It doesn’t seem as though a year has passed since I last wrote something in support of Migraine Awareness Week, but it has been a great year of using acupuncture to help my patients and we have seen some amazing results.

With all the hype of the royal wedding in April, there was a huge media interest in Meghan, in which we found out lots about her. Discovering that Meghan, like me, had used acupuncture to help prevent severely debilitating migraine was thrilling, and a great testimonial to acupuncture.

‘I have been a longtime believer in acupuncture and cupping. I used to have debilitating migraines (hospitalized for them), and acupuncture and Eastern medicine absolute changed my life. Migraine-free living is a game changer.’ (Meghan Markle, Chalkboard Magazine, 2015)

I hope that Meghan speaking out has encouraged others that are affected to make changes to their lifestyle and choose acupuncture to help improve their health.

Why choose acupuncture?

Mark Bovey from The British Acupuncture Council has written a great article linked to research explaining why acupuncture has been found to be helpful for migraine sufferers. It shows that acupuncture may

  • provide pain relief

  • affect an electrical wave in the brain associated with migraine

  • affect the pain signalling neuropeptides that may be implicated in the pathophysiology of migraine

  • modulate cranial blood flow which may contribute to migraine pain

  • affect serotonin levels in the brain which may be linked to the initiation of migraine and the relief of acute attacks

  • increases microcirculation which helps to disperse swelling

Other Support

The Migraine Trust provides a tremendous amount of information to support those suffering with migraine. It is estimated that 25 million days are lost from education and work each year due to migraine. As such, The Migraine Trust has continued to focus on helping those in education and the workplace to feel supported by producing PDF booklets for each. The booklets cover;

  • What migraine is

  • Migraine in the workplace or school

  • Responsibilities of the employer or statutory support for children in education

  • Employer responsibilities and good practice

  • The Equality Act 2010

  • How to deal with any issues that occur in the workplace or school

  • Further information and resources for employees and students

Both booklets are easy to read and give good practical advice. They can be found by accessing the following links:

If you have found this interesting and would like more information relating to acupuncture, please give me a call and we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your individual needs.

Sharon Waltho

Tel: 07941 567053


The British Acupuncture Council (2018)

The Migraine Trust (2018)


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